A Midsummer Night's Dream

Produced by Carnegie Mellon University
Directed by Don Wadsworth
Sound Design and Original Music, Erik T. Lawson

The original soundscore for A Midsummer Night’s Dream celebrates the passion of conflict and resolution between the natural world, ritual, and a highly structured or synthesized environment. The score is composed from stylized electronic and electro-acoustic sound elements.

The soundscore promotes the rigid establishment defining the Athenian and civilized world with precise and pure electronic instruments: analogue synthesizers, organs, and drum machines. The sound environment of “The Wood” features abstracted and manipulated world instruments including the didgeridoo, native american flute, hammer dulcimer, and hand percussion. The juxtaposition of the disparate instruments follows the balance of conflict in each scene. The score couples the divergent elements to celebrate the marriage of contrast and diversity.

Selections from the score:


Scenic Design, Anne Mundell
Costume Design, Steve Buechler
Lighting Design, Milim Sung