Sotto Voce

Theatre for the New City, NYC. 2014
Written and Directed by Nilo Cruz

Asolo Repertory Theatre, FL. 2015
Directed by Melissa Kievman

Sound Design and Original Music by Erik T. Lawson

"A Jewish-Cuban young man sets out to recover memories of the SS St. Louis, which in 1939, left Nazi Germany for Cuba filled with Jewish refugees but was turned back by Cuba, the U.S. and Canada. In this play of obsession and despair, Cruz lures three characters into a sea of darkness so they can find a unity of souls through their relationship with history and literature." - Official Press Release 

The sound design and original music for Sotto Voce explores the process of breaking down barriers and buffers to reach memories, create relationships, and unify or align the past and present. The score is composed from muted ambient textures, pizzicato strings, latin hand percussion, and stylized piano and accordion phrases.

Selections from the score:


Asolo Repertory Theatre
Scenic Design, Adrian Jones
Costume Design, Michiko Kitayama Skinner
Lighting Design, Mathew Richards
Media Design, Robert Figueira