Directed by Nilo Cruz
Miami Dade County Cultural Arts Center
Written by Nilo Cruz & Michiko Kitayama Skinner
Sound Design and Original Music by Erik T. Lawson

"Tsunami is a poignant docudrama that introduces the resilient people behind the front-page horrors of the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster. These transformative stories, presented by a variety of actors from different cultures, portray unforgettable tales of survival, magic, and a heightened reverence for life." - Official Press Release 

The original score and sound design for Tsunami examines the arrangement of broken objects and fragmented stories, and the associated rebuilding process through civic, spiritual, and ancestral structures. The score is composed from delicate piano and koto phrases, ambient sequences, and traditional Japanese percussion.

Selections from the score:


Scenic and Costume Design, Michiko Kitayama Skinner
Lighting Design, Eric Fliss
Media Design, Dinorah De Jesús Rodriguez